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Conference Program

9 September 2014 Update:

As of today, the conference workshops and conference symposium handouts are completed!

Access the workshop handout here.
Access the symposium (and full conference) handout here.

These will also be provided as hardcopy during registration. Looking forward to see you here in Fort Collins!

Updated program as of Sept 1.
You can find the Google calendar and the ICS file at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday 16 September

Please note that this year, each of the workshops and tutorial take up the whole day.

 0900 - 1030
Workshops and Tutorials  Session 1
 1030 - 1100
Coffee break
 1100 - 1230
Workshops and Tutorials  Session 2
 1230 - 1330
 1330 - 1500
Workshops and Tutorials  Session 3
 1500 - 1530
Coffee break
 1530 - 1700
Workshops and Tutorials  Session 4

Wednesday 17 September

 0930 - 0945
Welcome and Introduction
 0945 - 1045
ProDoc Doctoral Consortium (Chair: Cerstin Mahlow)
 1045 - 1115
Coffee break
 1115 - 1215

The Evolving Scholarly Record: New Uses and New Forms
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information

 1215 - 1245
BoF Session: How It Works (Chair: Patrick Schmitz)
 1245 - 1345
 1345 - 1415
Recap of the Workshop Sessions (Chair: Sonja Maier)
 1415 - 1530
Modeling and Representation (Chair: Steven Bagley, University of Nottingham)

ActiveTimesheets: extending Web-based multimedia documents with dynamic modification and reuse features (Full Paper)
Diogo Martins and Maria Da Graça Pimentel.

Automated CSS Optimization by Logical Reasoning (Short Paper)
Marti Bosch, Pierre Geneves and Nabil Layaida.

FlexiFont: A Flexible System to Generate Personal Font Libraries (Application Note)
Wanqiong Pan, Zhouhui Lian, Rongju Sun, Yingmin Tang and Jianguo Xiao.

Circular Coding with Interleaving Phase (Short Paper)
Robert Ulichney, Matthew Gaubatz and Steven Simske.

 1530 - 1600
Coffee break
 1600 - 1730
Document Analysis I (Chair: Helen Balinsky, HP Labs)

A New Sentence Similarity Assessment Measure based on a Three-Layer Sentence Representation (Full Paper)
Rafael Mello, Rafael Lins, Fred Freitas, Steven J. Simske, Bruno Avila, Rodolfo Ferreira and Marcelo Riss.

Paper Stitching using Maximum Tolerant Seam under Local Distortions (Full Paper)
Wei Liu, Wei Fan, Jun Sun and Naoi Satoshi.

Abstract Argumentation for Reading Order Detection (Short Paper)
Stefano Ferilli, Domenico Grieco, Domenico Redavid and Floriana Esposito.

Generating Summary Documents from a Variable-Quality PDF Document Collection (Short Paper)
Jacob Hughes, David Brailsford, Steven Bagley and Clive Adams.
 1900 - 2100
Conference Event
Pinball Jones, Old Town Fort Collins

Thursday 18 September

 0900 - 1045
Document Analysis II (Chair: Cheng Thao, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

Simplifying Graph-based Representations of Sentences for Relation Extraction (Full Paper)
Rinaldo Lima, Jamilson Batista, Rafael Ferreira, Fred Freitas, Rafael Lins, Steven Simske and Marcelo Riss.

Ruling Analysis and Classification of Torn Documents (Full Paper)
Markus Diem, Florian Kleber and Robert Sablatnig.

On Automatic Text Segmentation (Full Paper)
Boris Dadachev, Alexander Balinsky and Helen Balinsky.

P-GTM: Privacy-Preserving Google Tri-gram Method for Semantic Text Similarity (Short Paper)
Owen Davison, Abidalrahman Mohammad and Evangelos Milios.

 1045 - 1115
Coffee break
 1115 - 1215

Web-Intrinsic Interactive Documents
Tony Wiley, HP Exstream R&D

 1215 - 1245
BoF Session: The Results (Chair: Patrick Schmitz)
 1245 - 1345
 1345 - 1530
Collection, Systems and Management (Chair: Jean-Yves Vion-Dury, Xerox Research Centre Europe)

Fine-grained Change Detection in Structured Text Documents (Full Paper)
Hannes Dohrn and Dirk Riehle.

Classifying and Ranking Search Engine Results as Potential Sources of Plagiarism (Full Paper)
Kyle Williams, Hung-Hsuan Chen and C. Lee Giles.

An Ensemble Approach for Text Document Clustering using Wikipedia Concepts (Full Paper)
Seyednaser Nourashrafeddin, Evangelos Milios and Dirk Arnold.

Image-Based Document Management: Aggregating Collections of Handwritten Forms (Short Paper)
John Barrus and Edward Schwartz.

 1530 - 1600
Coffee break
 1600 - 1730
Applications I (Chair: Dick Bulterman, FX Palo Alto Laboratory)

ARTIC: Metadata Extraction from Scientific Papers in PDF using Two-Layer CRF (Full Paper)
Alan Souza, Viviane Moreira and Carlos Heuser.

Connecting Content and Annotations with LiveStroke (Short Paper)
Michael Gormish and John Barrus.

Building digital project rooms for web meetings (Short Paper)
Laurent Denoue, Matthew Cooper, Andreas Girgensohn and Scott Carter.

The Virtual Splitter: Refactoring Web Applications for the Multiscreen Environment (Short Paper)
Mira Sarkis, Cyril Concolato and Jean-Claude Dufourd.

SimSeeX: A Similar Document Search Engine (Application Note)
Kyle Williams, Jian Wu and C. Lee Giles.
 1830 - 2130
Conference Banquet (Drinks, Dinner, Awards)
Fort Collins Marriott
(Host Bar starts at 1830, dinner at 1915)

Friday 19 September

 0900 - 1045
Generation, Manipulation and Presentation (Chair: Evangelos Milios, Dalhousie University)

Pagination: It's what you say, not how long it takes to say it (Full Paper)
Joshua Hailpern, Niranjan Damera-Venkata and Marina Danilevsky.

Extracting web content for personalized presentation (Full Paper)
Rodrigo Chamun, Daniele Pinheiro, Diego Jornada, João Oliveira and Isabel Manssour.

Truncation: All the News that Fits We'll Print (Full Paper)
Joshua Hailpern, Niranjan Damera-Venkata and Marina Danilevsky.

JAR Tool: Using Document Analysis for Improving the Throughput of High Performance Printing Environments (Short Paper)
Mariana Kolberg, Luiz Fernandes, Mateus Raeder and Carolina Fonseca.

 1045 - 1115
Coffee break
 1115 - 1245
Applications II (Chair: Michael Piotrowski, Leibnitz Institute of European History)

Humanist-centric tools for Big Data: Berkeley Prosopography Services (Full Paper)
Patrick Schmitz and Laurie Pearce.

The Impact of Prior Knowledge on Searching in Software Documentation (Full Paper)
Klaas Andries de Graaf, Peng Liang, Antony Tang and Hans van Vliet.

What Academics Want When Reading Digitally (Short Paper)
Juliane Franze, Kim Marriott and Michael Wybrow.

A Platform for Language Independent Summarization (Short Paper)
Luciano Cabral, Rafael Lins, Rafael Mello, Fred Freitas, Bruno Avila, Steven Simske and Marcelo Riss.

 1245 - 1345
 1345 - 1415
Awards, Closing Notes and Farewell Message

DocEng14 Programme

DocEng14 Programme