We are pleased to announce that the conference will be held at the Hewlett-Packard facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado ( 3404 E. Harmony Rd. Fort Collins CO 80528) . A brief overview of the location logistics is given here: for more, please see the "Travel and accommodation" page just below this page.

You will almost certainly be flying into Denver International Airport, which is roughly 70 miles (110 km) and just over an hour away from the conference hotel and conference site. On the 17th, conference attendees are encouraged to take the Fort Collins MAX, which has its main page here . There are many stations along Mason Street, which is just two blocks west of the conference hotel (west is toward the mountains), and the MAX will get you comfortably into Old Town should you choose to join the Wednesday evening event or visit Old Town on other days around the conference (or stay in one of the hotels there). The schedule is posted here .

To get to Fort Collins from the Denver airport, you can choose the Airport Super Shuttle , which I just found to be $32 each way. If you want a car to get around Fort Collins, the conference hotel has a car rental (See "Services & Amenities" tab here ) service with the rental car location just a few block south of the hotel. This will be a lower rental car rate than renting from Denver International Airport (DIA), although if you plan to do any other traveling around the DocEng conference, you may wish to rent and return a car from DIA. The conference will not be providing any shuttles, so you will need to provide your own transport from the hotel to the conference (Hewlett-Packard) site and to the evening events. If you do not have a car, you can use the bus and/or carpool with other attendees. If yo u cannot find a ride to/from the conference, and don't want to rent a car, you may opt for a Fort Collins Taxi .

There is a LOT to do in Fort Collins! Please see the Fort Collins City Government Site and the Visit Fort Collins site for more information on the city. Where is Fort Collins, you ask? Take a look here: Fort Collins HP Location .

Some favorite things to do
1. Rocky Mountain National Park is just an hour away. This is a world-class venue and highly recommended if you have an extra day.
2. The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is just northwest of Old Town. A great place to get a feel for the local environment and ecology, not to mention history!
3. The Global Village Museum , just west of Old Town, has very interesting rotating exhibits.
4. Si quieras aprender mas de la historia espanol en Fort Collins, Museo Tres Colonias is for you. The website and the museum folks speak English! :)
Some more suggestions for those with extra time in the area
1. The Benson Sculpture Garden in nearby Loveland, Colorado. Excellent urban sculpture park. Loveland is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, so you can take this in on a round-trip to "Rocky".
2. The Loveland Museum/Gallery . Good regional museum, also easy to take in during a round trip to Rocky.
3. The Colorado State University flower trials garden . Just a mile south of Old Town along college. Easy to reach and easy to make part of a walk through the heart of Fort Collins.
4. Bike rentals in Fort Collins: Try Lee's at Laurel and Mason for downtown or the Bike Co-op for Old Town.
Arthur's Rock , a prominent feature and popular hike, in Fort Collins' Lory State Park .
Steve Simske,
Oct 10, 2013, 7:11 PM